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Corporate Overview

Below is a brief overview of the most frequent types of corporate transactions and matters that we advise on for our clients. 


Common transactions that occur in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry are licensing between companies, government, and nonprofits. Whether you are seeking to in-license or out-license your IP or technology, prior to or after receipt of regulatory approvals, our firm will assist in securing the transaction to ensure maximum safeguards and profitability.

Manufacturing, Supply & Distribution​​

These key operational documents that govern the ebb and flow of production and logistics for any biotech or pharmaceutical company that engages in commercialization and sales of its products must be carefully drafted and negotiated. We have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating these agreements and forging the relationships amongst those in the chain of production.

Sponsored Research & Collaborations

Industry regularly comes together (corporations, universities, hospitals, nonprofit, and government organizations) to invent or develop new technologies through sponsored research agreements, which allows a pooling of knowledge and resources. We have assisted all parties involved in the negotiation and sharing of responsibilities throughout this process which has translated into the development and commercialization of some of the most successful IP and technologies.

IP Assignment & Data Sharing

As part of our corporate practice that relates to the healthcare sciences industry, we assist clients in gaining the most when assigning their IP or sharing data that our clients expend a great deal of time and valuable resources to obtain.

Executive Employment

As companies grow or go through organizational changes, it is important that they have tightly drafted equity and bonus plans, and employee benefits documents. That is where we assist in ensuring these documents are in place and revised when, and where, necessary.

Due Diligence

When clients consider buying one, some, or all assets from another company, the due diligence process can provide complex and that is where our expertise in the diligence process provides tremendous value. This part of a deal is the most important phase when taking into consideration an asset or stock purchase. We conduct onsite and electronic diligence during the entire due diligence phase, engage directly with clients, and advise clients on our assessments and findings. 


Mergers, Acquisitions & Buyouts

We assist our clients with the appropriate financing for mergers and acquisitions and provide advice concerning the drafting, negotiation, and performance of contracts for the sale of portions of the business. M&A transactions are among the most complex and significant events in the life of a firm — the consequences of which reverberate both internally and externally.


Technology Transactions

We lead our clients through the complex landscape of legal and commercial issues that arise in connection with the acquisition, development, adoption, and commercialization of innovative technologies and IP assets in the healthcare sciences sector.


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